Landscape maintenance is the technique of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive through a range of activities such as pruning of plants, weed control, administering fertilizer and pesticides, mowing lawns and maintaining garden accessories. Dasuns Houseplants offers customized maintenance packages to suit client’s individual garden maintenance requirements that can include a combination of the following services

  • Mowing lawns and trimming edges
  • Weeding and turning soil over in flower beds
  • Raking and sweeping as necessary
  • Removal of refuse related to the service
  • Trimming and cutting of hedges and shrubs
  • Replacing plants or replanting within reason
  • Application of fertilizers, compost and lawn dressing
  • Pruning of roses and fruit trees
  • Scarifying lawns

While customers can sign up for maintenance contracts they will receive instructions in the daily practices that need to be followed to maintain healthy plants. Watering to suit plant species, use of mulch to conserves soil moisture and control weeds are among the useful hints imparted to clients to maintain plant health. Looking after trees and shrubs means investing in a lifetime of growth and getting to enjoy the outcome.

In our practice the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers are minimal. By using a combination of compost and slow release organic fertilizers we make sure that when breaking down it will cause no environmental damage.