Plant Nursery

The key to the success of Dasun’s House Plants are its nurseries. Acclimatized stocks of a variety of tropical foliage, palms, fruit and flowering trees and shrubs are grown to international standards and are available as container grown, bare root and root balled products. Planting material is available throughout the year for landscaping projects and for export. To ensure the quality of the parent stock and to protect the plants, Dasun’s House Plants have put in place a series of nursery management procedures that have ensured the conditions necessary for the safe and efficient raising of healthy nursery plants.

The variety of planting stock in the nurseries include a range of tropical perennials with lush green leaves and brightly coloured flowers that can add lively interest to any garden. Among them are an exotic collection of palms ranging from cane palms to kentia and sealing wax palms. Other exotics include heliconias, fragrant frangipani in three different colours, flowering shrubs and tropical fruit trees that include star fruit, Chinese Guava, Java Apple or jambu and veralu endemic to Sri Lanka and southern India.

Root – Balling

We carry out root-balling of wide range of Shade Trees, Fruit & Flowering Trees. Also has a wide range of Shrubs & Bushes. Depending on the variety of the trees and shrubs root balling is done in two to three stages over a period of three to six weeks. The process of root balling is decided on the weather conditions, as when its dry weather the process of root balling is longer and when there is wet weather conditions the process of root balling is shorter. Chemicals are used when necessary in-order to prevent leaf fall and to protect new roots.

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