Fruit Plants

This category contains all plants that offer fruits

Veralu Olive

Small leaf bushy tree with Edible fruits, which is used in many preparations of food. Also the Tree is excellent for shade.

Syzyginm Samarangense / Jambu-Java Apple

Evergreen tree, leathery leaves with white flowers. Pear shaped edible Red Coloured fruits

Phoenix Robelenii / Pigmy Date Palm

Rough trunk, topped by a dense round clown of feathery dark green leaves. Berry like black fruits in large clusters.

Chinese Guava

Edible Fruit, which is used in many a jelly and food preparations. The tree is excellent as a shade tree. The tree grows extremely well in any tropical climate.

Barringtonia Asiatica / Box Fruit

With large leathery leaves, fragrant while flowers with bush like, long white stamens tipped crimson.

Averrhoa Carambola / Star Fruit

Small fragrant flowers, White & Purple, fleshy drooping fruits in yellow colour.

Areca Catechu / “Betel-nut Palm”

Tall growing Palm with solitary trunk. Fragrant white flowers, Olive shaped long reddish-orange fruits.

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