Flowering Plants

This category contains all the flowering plants that we cultivate in our nursery

Hymenocallis Speciosa

A medium healthy plant with narrow bronze green strappy leaves, bears large spikes of white spider like flowers, highly recommended for shaded areas.

Plumeria Rubra / Frangipani Tri Colour

A tri-coloured frangipani; densely branching tree with large clusters of waxy flowers in 3 colours

Plumeria Rubra Acutifolia / Frangipani

Wedge shaped leaves with waxy white and yellow flowers, sweetly fragrant.

Plumeria Rubra / Frangipani / Hybrid-Peech Plumeria

Large waxy, single blossoms, carmine-rose with yellow eye, very fragrant; thick; soft branches; Dark green leaves.

Plumeria Obtusa / Temple Tree

Dark green leaves with milky sap, large white, waxy flowers with spreading petals and yellow center, intensely fragrant.

Pink Hybrid Frangipani Temple Tree

A Hybrid variety, which is free flowering. This plant has large leaves with spread out trunk and branch formation.


Fast growing Shrubby Bush. Mainly grown for its colourful foliage and large bright flowers.

Heliconia Pssittacorum / Rubra

A fast growing plant, which has an orange colour flower upright. A plant excellent for steep areas.

Adenium Obesum – “Desert Rose / Pride of Japan”

Fleshly, twisted base and short branches, 5cm flowers with spreading petals, pinkish edged with carmine or deep red.

Allamanda Cathratica / Golden Trumpet

Free flowering bright yellow flowers can be trimmed as a hedge plant, ground cover or as a shrub. Suitable for any weather condition.

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