Asplenium Nidus / Birds Nest

Shining green leaves in a rosette. The most attractive of ferns for pots. Should be kept moist a

Averrhoa Carambola / Star Fruit

Small fragrant flowers, White & Purple, fleshy drooping fruits in yellow colour.

Areca Catechu / “Betel-nut Palm”

Tall growing Palm with solitary trunk. Fragrant white flowers, Olive shaped long reddish-orange fruits.

Bambusa Textilis / Graceful Bamboo

Bamboo species with thin canes surrounded by attractive foliage.

Bambusa Vulgaris / Feathery Bamboo

Attractive large size bamboo, thin green leaves, branches on the upper part of the stem.

Barringtonia Asiatica / Box Fruit

With large leathery leaves, fragrant while flowers with bush like, long white stamens tipped crimson.

Beaucarnea Recurrata / Pony Tail

Tree like plant with tall trunks, swollen at base, topped by a rosette of linear, pendulous, concave leathery green leaves to 2m long, rough and thin-leathery, but not spiny toothed; […]

Calathea Leopardina / Peacock Plant

Attractive species with 40cm high, with beautiful oblique-lance shaped, waxy leaves on slender stalks, the blade is nile-green marked with bold dark green triangles, alternately on both sides of the […]

Cassia Fruticosa / Drooping Cassia

Tall scandent shrub, flowers in pale yellow and light green leaves, beautiful shrub when in bloom.

Chinese Guava

Edible Fruit, which is used in many a jelly and food preparations. The tree is excellent as a shade tree. The tree grows extremely well in any tropical climate.

Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens / Cane Palm

Slender, yellowish stems forming an attractive clump with full of thin leathery glossy green leaves.

Cycas Media

Slender trunk to 6m high, topped by a handsome crown of fronds, 1m or longer, shorter than circinalls, with numerous flat leaflets, narrowed to a spiny tip; the scales of […]

Cycas Revoluta / Sago Palm

Topped by a terminal crown of shift, deep green, feathery pinnate long fronds.

Cyrtostachys Renda / Sealing Wax Palm

Beautiful feathered palm, clustering feather palm with slender trunks to 10M high pinnate fronds

Dracaena / Song of Jamaica

The branches, which are popularly used as, cut foliage has green & yellow stripe on the leaves. It can be used as an indoor and out-door plant, also be used […]

Dracena Marginata / Dragon Tree

A favoured decorator; tree like, with branching slender trunk, growing to 5m high, each cane topped by a dense terminal rosette of thick fleshy, narrow linear clasping leaves 40cm long, […]

Erica Trianda Palm

A palm, which has many trunks with dark green, leaves, fast growing and when matured flowers and fruits are in red colour.

Adenium Obesum – “Desert Rose / Pride of Japan”

Fleshly, twisted base and short branches, 5cm flowers with spreading petals, pinkish edged with carmine or deep red.

Ficus Benjamina “Exotica”

Graceful weeping form with slender, arching branches, narrow glossy green twisted leaves.

Ficus Nitida

Thick-topped tree waxy green and smooth leaves, can be shaped into different shapes. Hardy plant.

Ficus Nitida – Westland

Green leathery, leaf plants which is very hardy and which is one plant, which can withstand the sea breeze. Tender leaves light in colour.

Giant Pandanus

Dark green glossy leathery foliage, suitable for a pot plant when in medium height.

Ground Orchid (Non Flowering)

A green large leaf plant, which prefers more, wet conditions and grows very fast. It is excellent to cover extensive area to prevent soil erosion and it also flowers when […]

Heliconia Pssittacorum / Rubra

A fast growing plant, which has an orange colour flower upright. A plant excellent for steep areas.

Heliconia Rostrata / Hanging Lobster-Claws

Beautiful tropical herb, with banana like, leathery green leaves; magnificent hanging in-florescence of alternating bracts, scarlet red tipped with cream


Fast growing Shrubby Bush. Mainly grown for its colourful foliage and large bright flowers.

Hymenocallis Speciosa

A medium healthy plant with narrow bronze green strappy leaves, bears large spikes of white spider like flowers, highly recommended for shaded areas.

Licuala Grandis / Fan Palm

Very attractive small fan palm with slim solitary trunk, topped by platted bright green leaves almost round, lobed and toothed along the continuous margin on slender, thorny petioles: glossy crimson […]

Licuala Spinosa / Spiny Licuala Palm

Glossy green leaves, full of foliage from top to bottom.

Nephrolepis Acuminata / Baby Ferns

Short rootstock sending out stoloniferous runners, tufted simply pinnate fronds becoming 30-90cm long, scaly toward base, narrow when young, latter much broader, fresh green.

Nephrolepis Biserrata Furcans / Fishtail Fern

Large Fern with long leaves, broad, leathery yellow green and forked towards their tips.

Asparagus Densiflorus / Sprengeri Fern

Much branched from tuberous roots, scarcely climbing, the fluffy branchlets set with soft, fresh green needles, the true leaves reduced to thorns; small fragrant flowers white, followed by bright red […]

Phoenix Robelenii / Pigmy Date Palm

Rough trunk, topped by a dense round clown of feathery dark green leaves. Berry like black fruits in large clusters.

Pink Hybrid Frangipani Temple Tree

A Hybrid variety, which is free flowering. This plant has large leaves with spread out trunk and branch formation.

Pleomele “Costarica”

Hybrid of the Dracaena “Song of India” which can withstand long dry weather and also wet weather. The leaves are leathery and shining.

Pleomele Reflexa Angustifolia / Song of India

Narrow thin leathery leaves, medium green, bushy.

Pleomele Reflexa / Song of India

Leathery leaves 12cm long. Beautifully margined with two wide bands of golden yellow and the green center.

Pleomele Reflexa / Song of Sri Lanka

A Dracaena, which has the Angustifolia leaves and the crown as Dracaena Song of India. A very hardy plant which is good for dry weather.

Plumeria Obtusa / Temple Tree

Dark green leaves with milky sap, large white, waxy flowers with spreading petals and yellow center, intensely fragrant.

Plumeria Rubra Acutifolia / Frangipani

Wedge shaped leaves with waxy white and yellow flowers, sweetly fragrant.

Plumeria Rubra / Frangipani / Hybrid-Peech Plumeria

Large waxy, single blossoms, carmine-rose with yellow eye, very fragrant; thick; soft branches; Dark green leaves.

Plumeria Rubra / Frangipani Tri Colour

A tri-coloured frangipani; densely branching tree with large clusters of waxy flowers in 3 colours

Ptychosperma Macarthurii / Kentia

Suckering feather palm with greyish trunks and glossy green leaves.

Rhapis Excelsa / Lady Palm

Palm with bamboo like canes, the thin stems densely matted with coarse fiber, and glossy green leathery leaves divided into broad segments.

Rhapis Excelsa / Palmae

A miniature fan palm with bamboo like canes, the thin stems densely matted with coarse fiber, forming clumps and the leathery leaves glossy-green divided into broad segments.

Roystonea Regia / Royal Palms

Tall grey swollen trunk with bright green leaves. Single Trunk Plant.

Allamanda Cathratica / Golden Trumpet

Free flowering bright yellow flowers can be trimmed as a hedge plant, ground cover or as a shrub. Suitable for any weather condition.

Syzyginm Samarangense / Jambu-Java Apple

Evergreen tree, leathery leaves with white flowers. Pear shaped edible Red Coloured fruits

Veralu Olive

Small leaf bushy tree with Edible fruits, which is used in many preparations of food. Also the Tree is excellent for shade.

Verschaffeltia Splendida / Stilt-root Palm

Unique feather-leaf palm, beautiful as a slender mature tree, tall trunk, spiny when young and supported by aerial roots at the base; the deep green leaves pinnately veined, quilted and […]

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