Sub Tropical

Plants originating from a sub tropical climate

Rhapis Excelsa / Lady Palm

Palm with bamboo like canes, the thin stems densely matted with coarse fiber, and glossy green leathery leaves divided into broad segments.

Nephrolepis Biserrata Furcans / Fishtail Fern

Large Fern with long leaves, broad, leathery yellow green and forked towards their tips.

Cycas Revoluta / Sago Palm

Topped by a terminal crown of shift, deep green, feathery pinnate long fronds.

Beaucarnea Recurrata / Pony Tail

Tree like plant with tall trunks, swollen at base, topped by a rosette of linear, pendulous, concave leathery green leaves to 2m long, rough and thin-leathery, but not spiny toothed; […]

Averrhoa Carambola / Star Fruit

Small fragrant flowers, White & Purple, fleshy drooping fruits in yellow colour.

Asplenium Nidus / Birds Nest

Shining green leaves in a rosette. The most attractive of ferns for pots. Should be kept moist a

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