Plants originating from a tropical climate

Hymenocallis Speciosa

A medium healthy plant with narrow bronze green strappy leaves, bears large spikes of white spider like flowers, highly recommended for shaded areas.

Verschaffeltia Splendida / Stilt-root Palm

Unique feather-leaf palm, beautiful as a slender mature tree, tall trunk, spiny when young and supported by aerial roots at the base; the deep green leaves pinnately veined, quilted and […]

Veralu Olive

Small leaf bushy tree with Edible fruits, which is used in many preparations of food. Also the Tree is excellent for shade.

Syzyginm Samarangense / Jambu-Java Apple

Evergreen tree, leathery leaves with white flowers. Pear shaped edible Red Coloured fruits

Roystonea Regia / Royal Palms

Tall grey swollen trunk with bright green leaves. Single Trunk Plant.

Rhapis Excelsa / Palmae

A miniature fan palm with bamboo like canes, the thin stems densely matted with coarse fiber, forming clumps and the leathery leaves glossy-green divided into broad segments.

Ptychosperma Macarthurii / Kentia

Suckering feather palm with greyish trunks and glossy green leaves.

Plumeria Rubra / Frangipani Tri Colour

A tri-coloured frangipani; densely branching tree with large clusters of waxy flowers in 3 colours

Plumeria Rubra Acutifolia / Frangipani

Wedge shaped leaves with waxy white and yellow flowers, sweetly fragrant.

Plumeria Rubra / Frangipani / Hybrid-Peech Plumeria

Large waxy, single blossoms, carmine-rose with yellow eye, very fragrant; thick; soft branches; Dark green leaves.

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