Landscaping is the art of manipulating an existing landscape or streetscape for aesthetic or practical purposes. Adding ornamental, edible or other types of plants, changing the existing terrain through interventions such as grading, backfilling, mounding and terracing and construction of structures that are part of modern landscaping techniques is within our scope. Dasuns House Plants while offering comprehensive services encompassing site assessment, hard and soft landscape design and landscape maintenance assists clients to work through essential landscape design considerations to arrive at esthetically appealing and usable spaces for residential and commercial projects.

Every project we undertake is treated as a new beginning. Our approach to providing individualized services is to understand client needs, study site conditions, work within individual budget requirements and come up with solutions and garden designs that are site specific and ecologically sensitive. Using plant species suited to climatic conditions and for easy low impact maintenance is among our solutions.

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Once a beautiful piece of work has been successfully created we are committed to nurturing and maintaining it for the length of its life. We are also committed to keeping deadlines so that there will be no cost overruns and inconvenience to clients.

Carefully and selectively grown planting material from our well-equipped nurseries is used for all project work and ensures a quality product.

At “Dasuns House Plants”…

We believe that well-conceived and properly maintained landscapes but also reconnect us to nature in a very rewarding way. not only enhance the quality of our lives but also reconnect us to nature in a very rewarding way.


Managing Partner
Mr. Asitha Dias

Mrs. Nandani Dias